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How To Choose An Earring Style?

Time of issue:2022-08-09

Finding earrings that fit your fashion aesthetic, lifestyle and budget is no joke. But how do you narrow down your search when there are so many different trends and styles to choose from?


How to choose an earring style?

What jewelry will catch your eye; do you like big diamond earrings or do you prefer simple studs? Since any piece of designer jewelry is a major investment, you want to make sure you'll love them for years to come.


Another key thing to consider is the jeweler you are buying from. You want to make sure that the diamond earrings in your collection are of the highest quality and will last, so it is crucial to check that your jeweler is reputable. Check customer reviews, ask questions, and review their jewelry insurance policy before you buy.

New Design Acetic Acid Material 3D Printing Flower Acrylic Earrings 

3D Printing Flower Acrylic Earrings

Frequently Asked Questions about earrings

What are the most popular styles of earrings?

Studs are the most popular type of earrings. Simple, understated, and elegant, studs are versatile and suitable for a variety of occasions and looks, including casual wear, office wear, evening wear and bridal earrings. Fine jewelry foams are also gaining recognition as sustainable fashion because they have a timeless appeal that transcends trends. Other popular types of earrings include dangle earrings, hoop earrings (including the popular pearl hoop earrings), and huggers.


What is the back of a stud earring called?

Stud earrings feature pushbacks,  also known as a "butterfly back" or simply a "post". The pushback is a very small piece of metal that is pushed into the post of the earring. Fine jewelry studs sometimes come with screw-back covers to provide additional security. Some types of studs have rubber backs instead of metal backs (not common in fine jewelry).

3D Printing Flower Acrylic Earrings

 3D Printing Flower Acrylic Earrings

A Brief History of Earrings

Earrings have been worn for thousands of years. Most sources indicate that they originated in ancient Asia - and depending on the region, earrings symbolized different statuses, occupations and affiliations at different points in history.


Earrings and Ancient Civilizations

The first pierced earrings appear to have originated in the Middle East, around 3000 BC. Their role was primarily to indicate the political and religious beliefs of the wearer. In places like Egypt, the elite wore earrings as a status symbol to indicate their position in society. On the polar opposite, in places like ancient Rome and Greece, earrings were worn by slaves or prostitutes. However, the wealthy classes in Rome or Greece also wore earrings with pearls and other precious stones to indicate their upper-class status in society.


During the Bronze Age in Greece, hoop earrings were very popular, mainly in the style with dangling pendants. During the Persian Empire, male soldiers used to wear only one earring - as depicted on carved walls at archaeological sites. The Persians saw jewelry as a talisman that could provide protection in battle.


In the second century AD, various colored stones were introduced as a way to decorate headphones.

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