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What Are the Different Types of Agate?

Time of issue:2023-05-24

Agate is a form of polychromatic chalcedony and agate stones are named after their colour characteristics and patterns. Rings made from agate each have their own very distinctive look.


Banded agates, particularly blue agates, are particularly popular when using agate rings. This type of agate has a soft white colour with light to dark stripes in the middle.


Lace agate has a delicate lace-like colour pattern that creates a particularly beautiful and feminine design when used in agate rings.


Moss agate has soft, feathery moss-like patterns within the stone. Some of the more popular moss agate ring styles are made from soft white agate with a light to dark green feather pattern on the stone. This type of stone was also a favourite for brooches and rings in Victorian times.


Black onyx is an onyx that has been artificially dyed to create the appearance of pure black onyx. The black onyx ring is the most common form of onyx found in black onyx rings.


Abalone Shell Ring

 Abalone Shell Ring

Onyx Enhancements

With the exception of lace agate, most forms of onyx are usually dyed to impart colour, create new colours or improve existing colours in the stone. This type of enhancement has an excellent stability rating and the stone does not require special care after receiving this treatment. Dyed agates should be marked as "D" agate.


Special care

Agate is an extremely durable stone and agate rings do not require special care. However, dyed stones should be cleaned with care (be careful when using ultrasonic and steam cleaners).


Spiritual Benefits of Agate Rings


1. Growth and stability

Sometimes people get frustrated but still have to get on with their work and make important decisions. The lower frequency of radiation compared to the other stones in the quartz family of agate rings helps to stabilise mental balance so that the brain can function properly.


Agate rings are the perfect accessory choice for successful and stable social relationships or business life (e.g. zircon rings). Because onyx stones help one too, more easily, adapt to new situations and people, get rid of negative thoughts and the curse of overthinking, and bring your mind, spirit and body into harmony.

Yellow Agate Ring

 Yellow Agate Ring

2. Confidence

For introverts, it can be too difficult to socialise or even communicate with strangers. These insecurities are the biggest enemy that introverts have to defeat in order to have a quality social life.


Meditation exercises, especially with blue lace agate crystals, can enhance your communication skills and make it easier to convey strong and positive messages to people you don't know well when the relaxing power of the agate stone is on your side. In addition, a higher level of confidence will bring appreciation from others without difficulty.


3. To relieve stress

If you suffer from extreme stress or anxiety (as with mother-of-pearl rings) with stress-relieving properties, an onyx ring is just what you need. The onyx stone will gradually lower your stress levels and the next time you are trying to work on a short deadline, overcoming your anxiety will not be as difficult as before. Wearing an onyx ring will help you to maintain a calmer, more peaceful state of mind throughout your daily life.


4. The physical and mental benefits of agate rings

The physical healing properties of onyx mineral rocks (such as tiger's eye) primarily help the digestive area. Its benefits can also be extended to the heart and circulatory system. Agate stones with banded chalcedony can strengthen the heart in order to improve blood circulation.


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