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How to Use the Facial Roller?

Time of issue:2022-11-22

Add a facial roller to keep your skincare routine running smoothly. Made from gemstones such as jade or rose quartz, this chic tool is known for helping to reduce facial inflammation and puffiness.


What is a facial roller?

Usually made from jade or rose quartz, a facial roller is a mini roller that you use on your face. Now, if you're wondering "why do you rub your face?" we know that it does sound a bit strange.


But there's a reason why so many people around the world do it, and we'll get back to that soon. You can use these rollers as they are, for example where you last left them - on your bathroom shelf or in your make-up bag - or you can put them in the fridge or freezer for more invigorating facial roller sessions.


What's more, because they are often made of crystal, such as jade or rose quartz, it provides a whole new dimension to the concept of crystal therapy.

Opal Facial Roller Skin Care Beauty Product

Opal Facial Roller Skin Care Beauty Product


Benefits of using a facial roller

While using a facial roller may make your skin feel good, it may also provide the following benefits.


Improved lymphatic flow and drainage.

Improves blood flow.

Reduces puffiness.

Reduces inflammation.  

Cools and soothes the skin.

Provides relaxation.

Reduces stress.

Distributes skin care ingredients more evenly.

Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Rose Quartz Facial Roller   


How to use the Facial Roller?

So now that we have established that you can roll them onto your face, let's delve a little deeper and introduce you to the way you can actually use them. Feel free to adapt this routine to suit your skincare habits.


Cleanse your face and remove any skincare or make-up products.

Gently roll your face with sweeping strokes (more instructions below).

Then apply eye products, serums, and moisturisers.

When it comes to your evening skincare regime, you may want to apply some oil to your skin after cleansing and then gently roll over it.


Be sure to thoroughly wash any oil left on the roller afterward to keep it clean and germ-free.


How to roll your skin?

Always roll your face upwards in one direction - never up and down. 

To get an invigorating massage - massage around the contours of your face and use slightly more pressure as you move upwards so they lift your facial muscles slightly.

To promote lymphatic drainage - imagine that the bridge of your nose is the central point and rolls in all directions. Imagine that you are gently rolling all the accumulated toxins outwards and downwards; finally rolling outwards along your chin and down along your ears along your neck.

In Conclusion

Facial rollers are mini rollers that you use on your face, usually made of jade, rose quartz, or other types of crystal. They have a crystal healing effect - for use on the face. It is best to use them after cleansing and before applying your moisturizer. You can also use them to gently roll moisturizers, serums, or oils into the skin.


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