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The Canton Fair Invited Linda, CEO of Bestone for Interview

Time of issue:2023-10-30

The Canton Fair Facebook Gift Community invited Linda, CEO of Bestone, for an exclusive interview.


In this interview, Linda shares Bestone's history, corporate culture and future plans. She mentioned that since its establishment, Bestone has always adhered to the customer-centric, continuous innovation and continuous transcendence. Linda also gave a detailed introduction to the company's current brand development and main products, as well as a certain overview of the company's development focus and key research and development directions.

 The Canton Fair Invited Linda, CEO of Bestone for Interview

When asked what advantages does Bestone have in the industry competition, Linda said: "We believe that only through continuous innovation and continuous improvement of product quality can we stand out in the fierce market competition." She also stressed that Bestone attaches great importance to the relationship with its customers and will do everything possible to provide the best quality service to its customers just like the company name, “Bestone”.


At the end of the interview, Linda thanked the Canton Fair and all of Bestone's customers for their support. She said that Bestone will continue to be committed to providing customers with the best quality products and services, and join hands with the Canton Fair to jointly promote the development of global trade.

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