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How to Remove the Patina from Gold and Silver Jewelry

Time of issue:2022-06-13

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Many types of metals lose their luster over time, which can make our cherished necklaces, rings and earrings look dull and a little off-color. But don't worry, your jewelry isn't damaged. We'll show you how to remove the patina from your jewelry and give them an instant new look.

How to Remove the Patina from Gold and Silver Jewelry

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Why does jewelry tarnish?

Because pure precious metals are too soft to be used on their own, most gold and silver jewelry is made using alloy metals and simply plated with gold or silver. It is these other alloy metals (such as copper) that cause jewelry to lose its luster over time. When these metals come into contact with moisture and sulfur in the air, they oxidize and tarnish, creating a discolored, lusterless appearance. All gold and silver jewelry made with metal mixtures gradually lose their luster, but other factors (such as high humidity and exposure to substances such as hairspray, perfume, and perspiration) can accelerate the process of losing luster.

Preventing tarnishing of jewelry

There are a number of techniques that can help prevent tarnishing, or at least slow down the process. You can.

Store your jewelry in a cool, dark place, such as a jewelry organizer or jewelry box, to keep it out of the sun, heat, and humidity.

Store individual pieces in their respective zippered plastic bags to prevent scratching and remove as much air as possible from the bag before sealing.

Do not wear your jewelry in the shower or pool, or leave it in an unprotected bathroom.

Wipe your jewelry clean with a soft, dry cloth after wearing to remove any traces of moisture or chemicals.

Store your jewelry with chalk or strips of tarnish-resistant paper to help absorb excess moisture from the air.

How to Remove the Patina from Gold and Silver Jewelry

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Remove patina from silver jewelry

Throw away those toxic silver cleaning solutions and try this clever little trick to clean your silver jewelry; all you need is a plastic container large enough to hold your silver jewelry, some boiling water, some aluminum foil and sodium bicarbonate.

Step 1: Line your plastic container with a layer of aluminum foil (make sure it has the shiny side facing up)

Step 2: Fill the container with boiling water and add the sodium bicarbonate

Step 3: Add your silver jewelry, making sure it touches the foil

Step 4: Wait a few minutes. You will hear a faint hissing sound, which is normal

Step 5: Carefully remove your jewelry and dry it with a soft cloth to remove any lingering patina.

How does it work? The patina coating on silver jewelry (silver sulfide, a substance that causes a black, rusty appearance) reacts with the aluminum foil. The sulfur atoms are carried and transferred to the aluminum foil by the bicarbonate of soda and aqueous solutions, leaving your silver sparkling. Magic! Your clean, shiny jewelry is back.

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